Surge Generators

Surge Generators are produced in a range from 5kV to 32kV with discharge energy ranging from 500
Joules to 2000 Joules. Combination Systems are available that enables the user to Pre-Locate high
resistance faults.
Power Cable Fault Location Equipment

Southern Africa Fault Location produces test equipment for the Power Cable Fault Location industry. We also produce a range of High Voltage
Proof Test Instruments and various safety devices for the Cable Test Industry.
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Ground Microphone Systems

Ground Microphone Systems are available in a basic analogue and a high end digital range.  In the
higher end systems selectable filters and time of flight measurements are standard features.
Fault Pre-Location Scopes

Fault Pre-Location scopes are used to pre determine the distance to a fault.  It analyses the
impedance of the cable using TDR technology.  To pre-locate high resistance fault, the unit is
connected to the HT pulse, which temporarily lowers the fault resistance.
Cable Sheath Fault Location

Sheath Fault Locators are used to determine the integrity of cable sheaths.  The "Pool of Potential"
method is used to "Pin-Point" where tiny holes are present in the cable sheath.
Proof & Diagnostics Test Instruments

We produce various different models of Electrical Proof Test Equipment.  AC, DC and VLF Systems are available for any voltage up to 200KV.
AC Systems

Alternating Current Proof Testers are used to test busbars, switchgear, transformers and a large
array of different objects for electrical integrity.
DC Systems

Direct Current Proof Testers are used to test certain cable types, for example, Paper Insulated Lead
Cables.  It is generally used where large capacitive loads are to be tested.
VLF Systems

Very Low Frequency Systems are used to test special cable types, for example, XLPE, where DC
Systems may damage the solid composite insulation of the cable. 
AC/DC Systems

Combination systems are produced with the Test Engineer in mind that has to perform different
tests in different electrical environments.  Some units simply switch between AC/DC and in some
cases it is simple as fitting a diode to the circuit.
Safety Systems

We offer a range of safety devices for the electrical test industry.  Cable identification and Cable Spiking Systems are an integral part of the safe
test environment.
Cable Identification System

The Adret range of Cable Identification systems are designed to positively identify any chosen cable
from a bundle.
Custom Made Test Vans and Mobile Labs

Due to the sensitivity of expensive test equipment it is preferred to permanently mount these units in a trailer or panel van.  The equipment can
thus be protected from mechanical shock. Various Cable Reel systems are available.  Our systems utilize our unique magnetic brake system.
Cable Reel Systems

The Adret range of Cable Reel Systems are produced in single reel, 3 reel of any combinations. 
Our Anti-Overrun system uses powerful Rare Earth magnets to prevent the reels from overrunning
when unwound.
Test Equipment Trolleys

The range is complimented with our custom made trolleys.
Test Vans

Due to the diversity of test equipment used by our base of customers we produce a number of
custom made test van layouts.  Customers are not stuck with existing designs. 
Mobile Test Trailers

Some customers prefer Test Trailers when they have access problems into buildings, or when
dedicated vehicles are not available. 
Mobile Test Laboratories

We are capable of retrofitting any existing test equipment of any type, with or without on- board
power supplies.